Altering behavioral And Instilling Discipline In Children

children behavioral And Instilling Discipline In Children

Altering Behavior and Instilling Discipline in Children
Instilling Discipline

with behavioral issues such as, insubordination to parents, displays of aggression, and selfish, disrespectful conduct

Be authoritative with your commands or instructions. However, do not get emotional (i.e. anger) as this can have an adverse effect.

Behavioral Problems in Children

Temper tantrum: If this occurs in children aged 1-2 years old then it is recommended to distract their attention to something else. However, if this occurs in older children then ignoring tantrums can be more effective: as eventually the child will give up and realize that by these actions they will not get what they want.
Use positive reinforcement, “time in”, to encourage your child when he does something good. This can be done through praising or rewards. Often children act up and attract negative attention from their parents because they do not receive enough positive attention.
If the child displays aggressive or inappropriate behavior an effective method may be a short Time Out, which can give a child the chance to pause and maybe change his behavior, or at least hear what the parents have to say. Parents can introduce the time out with few words, for example, “Time out, and no hitting, hitting hurts”. A brief withdrawal of parental attention, and then welcoming the child back into

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