Introducing a series on netflix that should be boring in 2020.


Are you bored lately? Introducing a series on netflix that should be boring in 2020.
For a lonely life What must see to clear the boredom
Streaming netflix is ​​a channel of viewing a wide variety of entertainment.

Be it a movie or a series and many more. It’s no surprise that netflix.

Therefore becoming the popularity of many people Especially people

in this modern society And is also a channel that has strong overtaking curves

Many online channels are implicitly.

Several interesting series on netflix. Has been popular since 2019 continued until 2020,

especially in the part of Korean series, Thai series, Western series And today we go to see which

foreign series are interesting in netflix. Which some stories may look long since the end of 2019

until the present hehe

Edge of Tomorrow

This western series is called another story that has swept the audience a lot.

Many people enjoy this addictive fighting genre. The story in Edge of Tomorrow

tells the story of the near future in which hordes of aliens continually invade Earth.

The story of Cage is played by Tom Cruise, a soldier who is thrown into a crucial moment.

In which he will have to live in battles over and over and must fight, face to face death over and over again, and with this fight with Rita Vataki, they are even closer to being able to defeat the enemy. But in the end, these timing mysteries will enable him to defeat the enemy in front of him or not, so watch each other in Super Warriors on the netflix channel.

The End of the Fucking World

Another series that is not less interesting. Because of the role that reflects life and society through the story of one’s own identity. In each character down a lot Therefore, each body is quite lively, colorful and is its own natural. The story of this series tells about two teenagers who meet, one of whom is mentally obsessed with murder for the first time. And the other person was just as serious when the two became friends together. And had to leave without caring for the world And do not care about any fate at all, this journey leads them to many diseases that are unexpected. Based on their individual intentions, how will the two continue this adventure? Stay tuned for a new perspective in The End of the Fucking World.


Another western series that comes with a story to follow. Because it is another story that is quite complete with murder, mystery, love and family And businesses that lead to murder Anyone who likes a series or a movie like this should not be missed by all. Overall, the story of the film is the chaos of the Carrington family with contention for business and love. Especially the super daughter and the super stepmother, the story of the fight between the two mothers and their businesses and the environment of the cell. This will lead the characters in which direction they have to go to win each other.

Lost in Space

Last story Pamper people who like series in the genre that cannot be predicted at all. Out of a little fantasy. Explore the world of outer space a little bit. It’s called a new experience.

That viewers will get from this series too Of course, this is the charm of this series because

it allows us to be able to fully enjoy the story of the characters in the story.

As the beginning tells of the world faced with the problem of dust and smoke, humans have to decide to set up a new colony. The story seems to be good, but on the way, they fall into a world that is not.

It has been explored before, and their fall to the earth requires them to try to survive in order to get back to their craft again.

This is the story of the unpredictable nature of This series is that.

The rain

Of course, this movie is about the rain. ดูหนังออนไลน์    While the presentation of the story does not focus on the story of the virus that comes with the rain.

But to tell about the people who have the ability to survive, what do these people have to do? When it comes to life in the rain that comes with the virus, who gets caught in the rain will die.

Presentations, love between father and son, and a variety of love that must help each other in order to survive the rain of these viruses.




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