Introducing alien movies The landslide will bring good and evil.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial E.T. dear friend

Introducing alien movies  Today , add will introduce Alien movie The add had been recommended for about 10 times, but it was like that Since I would recommend more or repeat it, it might stimulate the curiosity gland. And increased their urge to watch some of their films that have not been seen in a long time And then again it is known that the alien movie genre, aliens invaded the world, whatever. It is not just coming to collapse the world alone. But it also comes in to be friendly and creates good for human beings. Today it will introduce alien movies that are both good and bad. Let everyone go see it. I don’t recommend a lot. Because I know they can’t look at each other.

1. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial E.T. dear friend

This movie is highly recommended. It’s a sci-fi mixed fantasy movie. An old movie that impresses many people, is the story of a boy who spent most of his life lonely. He met a friend who came from outer space and was a very nice extraterrestrial creature, he wanted to return to his home planet. But he lost his way on the world first So this boy volunteered to help this extraterrestrial life.

And went on adventures together, escaping various organizations that wanted to capture his friends to test This movie has won a lot of awards. And the income was huge collapse I’ve advertised a lot, it’s time for you guys to go see it. It is an old movie that is very valuable and worth looking for.


This movie, I can recommend it about 10 times already, but our story of the four-part series that has been chasing since the nineties until the present day is not much narrative or narrative about this movie. Because it is about extraterrestrial aliens who look horrible and threatening to humans as much as this is considered. It is one of the legendary movies that I would like everyone to see in every region. Lazy recommended

3. The Mist

This movie has a Thai name that is deadly fog, it is a scary sci-fi fantasy movie. Including all types of movies in this story, maybe even the end of the film creates a twist for the people around the world who have watched the shock as well. It is a movie that he has adapted from a novel that he shares the same name as the movie. It was a matter of the mysterious fog that was watching, it was enveloping the entire city. And there is something I do not know who has love, who sells squid in it. Then everyone who wanders into the fog will die.

It creates fear that people who escape into the supermarket, kill each other in order to survive, and even have to fight a strange slut outside without them knowing. What exactly is it? But AD highly recommends that this story has to be completed as it really surprises the viewers around the world. It is recommended to watch this story. I say I have to watch and I have to watch it to the end.

4. Visitor

This movie is a sci-fi movie that describes this movie well. Add recommended it to everyone to watch it many times. Because it is very worth watching, it is a visit to a mysterious drug that has landed in 12 airspace around the world, and it just landed, idle and did nothing on Earth. Causing a panic to the people And our mistrust, governments around the world How to deal with this strange ship

And everyone will know that this movie has a lot of depth in the movie.

He came to want to warn human beings. In order to want to protect human

beings by allowing them to correct what they do by themselves. It’s a movie

that explains everything very well. Even though it is a little slow Suggest that you

have to show everyone, it’s really good.

5. Independence Day

This movie seems to be released in 1996, the year that add was just born.

It makes a significant appearance in the film industry. It was the highest grossing

movie of that year. Considered to be a very great movie It’s an award winning movie too.

Adding so many advertisements, I would like everyone to go and see.


It is an old movie that is considered to make pictures and image techniques to be very beautiful,

just like the current movie. Otherwise, it would not be able to bring in this much income and

reward in America. Do not forget to go see it, it’s a fantasy movie that should arouse the urge to watch everyone.


And here are 5 alien movies that I would like to recommend that everyone can find.

That it has both to do good to us Then there is a path to destroy us. Each story,

each chapter of the movie, wants to communicate in a different way. If everyone who

really loves to watch movies And think critically with watching movies as well Will know

that in each story, he always leave his thoughts and leave his thoughts on the subject

Personally, Add is a person who likes to watch alien movies very much,

likes sci-fi movies, likes to watch fantasy movies. Because it awakens the imagination

of the add person And it makes us creative, it makes us think, on this planet, on the universe,

on the Galaxy we live in today. There are still many creatures to discover.

There must be something out there for sure. We are never going to be the only living things on the universe. This is my own idea. Add is a dreamer boy who already likes things like this.

Do not forget to look for the 5 movies that I added. For today, add, I’d like to leave first.




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