Review of SISYPHUS : THE MYTH, a secret code over time, Korean series

Review of SISYPHUS : THE MYTH This week, Netflix has a bunch of new Korean dramas , ranging from Sisyphus: The Myth, the romcom Hello, Me !, and Song Joong Ki’s Vincenzo.

You’re an Italian mafia lawyer In this blog We will write about Sisyphus: The Myth first because

we have already watched 2 ep. Starting first on Feb. 17, 2021) and is considered a little more favorable

than Vincenzo just watched. (Come every Saturday – Sunday The first episode started on February 20, 2021.)

Hello, Me! We haven’t watched yet.

Sisyphus: The Myth is another story that reflects Korean ambitions.

And he is doing well Because making time-lapse movies with no roles is a huge challenge. Regardless of the story making the script the least vulnerable.

And having fun telling stories on each timeline Recently We have watched two Thai movies that relate to time travel, 1995, Alter’s flirt with hey!

You’re my father, but it’s both things. According to my personal opinion (I actually can’t compare it to Sisyphus: The Myth in the first place, because Sisyphus: The Myth is not a movie, but a series, and in 1995, Alterma flirts with Hey! Luk Phe Nee, the father’s son, is a traditional rom-com movie, Thai movie style)

The heroine of Sisyphus: The Myth is Kang Seo Hae (Park Shin-Hye from Pinocchio).

She comes from the future to help Han Tae Sul (Cho Seung-woo from Stranger), a super

billionaire engineer (feel like Tony Stark of the region. Korea) from being hunted down

(This is a familiar feeling like The Terminator mixed with a movie, something else, two things)

and in addition to this mission. The male protagonist also has a clue or the investigation of

his brother’s mysterious death as well.


The series therefore has some compelling clues and the actors are charming.

Makes it difficult for us to stop watching (but having to stop because it only comes two episodes a week).

The downside is that we feel that the action scenes are a bit off, but in some cases, we forgive it and keep it aside. It is assumed that the heroine is so good.

Time, observing from the moment the heroine teleported to this world She did not follow

her father’s instructions (for example, the father told him to run, not to run But dodging in

a chill, like knowing where the soldiers or the control division’s people will move And father

told him to stay away from the male protagonist, but she will still find the male lead) and

when she guesses all the lottery numbers We think it’s not feasible, even from the future itself.


Unless she intends to remember the lottery numbers of that draw before

(Which I don’t think makes sense) or she just came and just listened to the results of this

lottery draw for a while now


Considering the title of the series “Sisyphus: The Myth, we think that more than

one time travel theory is quite possible. Because according to Greek mythology,

Sisyphis (Sisyphus) king of Corinth. The arrogant and cunning person Was told He

had been cheating death and cheating gods many times. Until the end he was repeatedly

cursed to roll up and down the mountain for the rest of his life.





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