Review Risky Romance 사생결단 로맨스 K-Drama MBM

Risky Romance Review Risky Romance 사생결단 로맨스 K-Drama MBM Happily ever after is an ideal ending for such a medical and romantic comedy like this. So, here is our Risky Romance K-drama review.

Ji Hyun Woo played the role of Han Seung Joo.

He is an extraordinary neurosurgeon. However, because of an accident, he suffers from trauma, with the effects of high hormonal and testosterone levels. Thus, he has a feisty personality.

On the other hand, Lee Si Young played the role of Joo In Ah. She is a doctor who is obsessed with hormones. She even takes Seung Joo as a patient and studies him.

Then, the two fell in love. But that crazy thing was not good for Seung Joo as his hormones go high, he suffers from migraine. With this, his life is in danger.

Originally, he didn’t like In Ah as he believed she is the reason why his friend died in an accident. However, he was wrong. It was her sister that caused it.

The Korean drama to watch revolved almost on Seung Joo’s revenge on In Ah, until he learned the truth. Nonetheless, he was already in love with her and could not help himself.

He could just see how good and helpful she was to those who are in need.

Because Seung Joo suffered frequent migraines whenever he kissed In Ah, he did some tests on his own.

He realized that what she said before — that his personality was because of his medical condition — was true.

So, he broke up with her, without her knowing the reason why.

Later on though, she discovered why he had gone cold.

Seung Joo tried to survive and thus decided to undergo a risky surgery. He convinced his friend Cha Jae Hwan (Korean drama actor Kim Jin Yeop) to do the surgery, which was, of course, successful.

The must watch Korean drama was not boring and it filled with jealousy, pain, heartaches, guilt, family drama, angst and comic reliefs. It is a good entertainment with lessons to be learned in life. Hence, we give it 5 stars out of 5.


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