Review television series Orange Is the New Black 2016

Orange Is the New Black

Review television series Orange Is the New Black 2016 Caputo is promoted to Director of Human Activity. He gets new CO’s to round up the prisoners who are at the lake. Piscatella, one of the new CO’s, is strict on security and obedience, and is feared by both guards and inmates. He is made captain of the guards. Maureen wants to escape the prison with Suzanne, but Suzanne decides to go back to the prison. Maureen is eventually captured by Caputo.

The new inmates are integrated with the old inmates. Everyone gets a bunkmate: Red’s bunkmate snores loudly, to her annoyance. Judy King becomes a prisoner at Litchfield and she forms a bond with Luschek.

She is given special treatment and is provided her own private room.

Alex is saved from Aydin, Kubra’s enforcer, by Lolly, who kicks him repeatedly until he is unconscious. They both presume he is dead. Alex sneaks into the greenhouse in an attempt to bury Aydin. Realizing Aydin is still breathing, Alex smothers him. In the morning, Frieda discovers Aydin’s body.

With Frieda’s assistance, Alex and Lolly cut the body into smaller parts and bury it under plants in the garden.

The inmates struggle with the overcrowding of the prison. Healy gets Judy King a new roommate, Yoga Jones. Cindy battles with her new roommate, Alison, over shared space.

Red attempts to stop her bunkmate’s snoring, to no avail. Piper befriends her bunkmate, who becomes her bodyguard.

Pennsatucky worries that Maritza is being raped by Coates, although he is shown to only have feelings for Pennsatucky.

Crystal tries to talk to Caputo about letting Sophia out of SHU, but he does not listen. Caputo meets with MCC; in order to qualify for government cutbacks, they decide to hire veterans as CO’s who will be housed at cabins on campus.

Caputo befriends Linda from Purchasing at the meeting. Daya is worried about her baby being placed in foster care, as Cesar is going to jail for conspiracy to commit murder and assaulting a police officer.

Racial tension arises as the Dominicans realize that they are the majority. Maria leads an attack on a white inmate in defense of Blanca.

lashback: Maria’s father was the head of a drug ring who was very big on Dominican pride. As a teenager, Maria spots Yadriel running from the police outside her house.

Maria later discovers the drugs he threw in the bushes; Maria throws them
into her window in order to save Yadriel.


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