SOUL Review: Amazing, tumultuous spirit (Jamie Foxx)

SOUL Synopsis Soul tells the story of Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a middle-aged music teacher. Tired of life and still struggling to achieve his dream of becoming a famous jazz musician, like a father who suddenly got into a deadly accident while he was about to start a new path of life.

Joe, who doesn’t want to die Must travel to the land after death But he fell to the land before the world instead And also to accidentally be caught as the mentor of the soul. No. 22 (Tina Fey), the stubborn, doesn’t want to be born. Because you can’t see the point of going to live on earth An adventure to find goals in the life of a new partner is born.

Review, Analysis, Criticism, SOUL Soul is similar to Inside Out and Coco.

He tells complex stories that are easy to digest. And telling stories of the world

after death, but Soul may be more suitable for adults than children.

There are some too tight philosophies.

And some philosophies might go against the beliefs and beliefs of certain audiences,

so Soul may not be as bang as those two.

But overall, it is a movie that tries to convey a good message and has a meaningful

way of life that applies, although we may not all agree with it.

Like in the land before the world The movie offers that The personality of

a person is what nature has initially defined. While some may stubbornly

argue that Personality, it happened later Arising from parenting (nurture), etc.

However, the first thing we think of Everyone should apply it to himself, namely “Do not work or focus on goals. And neglect the lifestyle or beauty along the way. ”Like the character Joe, he keeps thinking about it, but he must be a successful jazz musician. And seeing things unrelated to his dreams, such as being a music teacher Or even the thoughts and dreams of the people around them are neither important nor worthless.

We understand Joe that he has a different opinion with his mother about his career. His mother, like any adult, would rather see her grandchildren have a stable job, well-being, etc., rather than a musician playing in a pub in a bar. Which we can understand with his mother’s opinion as well




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