What kind of house? No need for architects and engineers to sign the design.


What kind of house? No need for architects and engineers to sign the design.  It is commonly known that Every building has a design responsible person. And calculation of structural strength That is the origin of the profession of architects and engineers.

In which the architect is responsible for designing the appearance Form and function of the building The engineer is responsible for the structural design. Electric sanitation system, etc.


Architects and engineers are concerned with the quality of life and safety of the

building occupants. It is also a profession that requires a license. This means that

if it works wrongly, it will be responsible according to professional law. And no

one else can take responsibility for it

Legal practice therefore requires that when applying for a building design permit, an architect’s signature is required. Engineer responsible for design and supervision

But there are exceptions to the law. Because in a small building that people generally

would like to design and construct by themselves according to villagers The law also

states that architects and engineers are not required to sign when applying for a permit,

which according to the Ministerial Regulation No. 56 (2543) “can be interpreted that the

building in the administrative area of ​​the Provincial Administrative Organization of

the Provincial Administrative Organization of Thailand.


Subdistrict Administrative Organization which does not have other laws in force Which

is a residential building, not more than 2 floors and has a total area of ​​not more than

150 square meters, when applying for permission to construct, modify, demolish, move,

only attach a document on the area that shows the building location in brief And a copy

of documents showing rights in land together with the request


That is, a house with a small area of ​​no more than 150 square meters, not more than two floors, no need to hire architects and engineers to design, draw or sign a messy design. As for supervisors, they can use the owner’s name to sign instead. This is because the law considers that in reality a tiny house of this level should be able to do it by hand using experience technicians.

but! There are also engineering details. The engineer is a little more defined in the

Ministerial Regulation on Engineering Profession and Controlled Engineering Profession

(2007), where if the house is 3 or more floors or any one floor is 4 m or more (floor level).


To the ground) or have a spacing from 5 meters apart from each other Must have an

engineer to sign for control Buildings that are smaller than 150 square meters, but have

a structural layout attached to the above conditions. It is necessary to have an engineer

to sign, design and supervise the work anyway


An example of a house that does not require an architect to sign, design and supervise

work is a two-storey house measuring 150 square meters, the maximum floor height of

3.90 meters, and the pole spans 4.90 meters, if it meets or less. home Most of them will

be able to apply for permission to build a house legally.

Without the expense of hiring architects and engineers to design or supervise work

However, this law states that if some localities have local laws Or other laws stipulating

this condition otherwise, the criteria under this clause may not apply.

Which means There is also an opportunity to build a small house. According to the above

conditions, in some areas, architects and engineers will still need to sign, design and supervise

the work. But in most cases, it doesn’t have to be used at all.





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